Elephant Gives Birth In Middle Of Safari, But Watch Incredible Moment Herd Suddenly Charges In

Elephant Gives Birth In Middle Of Safari, But Watch Incredible Moment Herd Suddenly Charges In


Childbirth is one of the most incredible moments that mom has ever experienced. This is also one of the most secretive, at least for human mothers – they are always hidden in a private hospital room, away from prying eyes.

Usually, mom, dad, and casual hospital staff greet the baby when he or she breaks out into the light. But for wild elephants, this is a completely different story. The whole herd is here to say hello to their new little tribe member!


In this video, a group of lucky safaris really witnessed an intimate encounter when it unfolded. People go on safari so that they have the opportunity to observe nature more closely and personally, therefore, of course, there was a lot of excitement in their voices when they realized that they were getting exactly what they saw!

In this real documentary about nature, an elephant mom stands in the middle of meadows, and she is just in the middle of her birth during a drizzle. The rest of her herd is kept at a safe distance, because even in the fresh air, her mother still needs personal space and space for breathing! Then, before you know this, her delightful scapegoat appears in the world.

In the life of a completely new mother, there always comes a moment when she wants to proudly brag about her offspring. In this case, the happy mother did not have to wait a very long time.

It seemed that everything from the great-grandmother of the child to his cousins ​​was there to celebrate! A herd of elephants quickly surrounded both mom and calf, to ooh and ooh on a sweet cake, and congratulate mom on a job well done.

But, feeling that the tourists were nearby, the herd also formed a protective barrier around the vulnerable little guy. All adult elephants very loudly told people that they should stay – way back!

Elephants are very sensitive and emotional creatures, and from these shots it’s clear that they look like people when it comes to greeting their children in the world. There is a lot of love and a high five of the fives of the trunk of an elephant, but they also really protect their little ones.

Watch this video to see an elephant herd greet their newest tribe member.




Written by Mark

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