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Little Rat Loves To Cuddle And Snuggle With His Giant Dog Friend


Nuka is a black German shepherd living in a house full of small animals such as kittens, rats, and rabbits. That is why he is obsessed with other animals, especially small animals. Although he looks so big and strong, he was always a gentle and sweet dog. Therefore, small animals are never afraid of their big and ideal brother.


“Our vet said when he was younger that he was wiser than his age … because he is usually so calm and relaxed,” said Nodi’s mom Nicole Yates, Dodo.

In April, the local pet store had to be closed due to the global spread of COVID-19. Before closing the store, they tried to find emergency homes for their poor animals. To help the store and the animals, Yates decided to add a rat to her busy house and named it Blue.

Bleu was so glad that she had a new home and a wonderful brother. He loves Nuku so much that he follows his brother everywhere. He also likes to take a nap on the thick fur of Nuki, because it is an ideal place for a cozy sleep.

“There was a direct connection between Blue and Nuka compared to my other rats,” Yates said. “Especially since Blue seemed to adore Nuku! He loved to snuggle up to Nuka’s fur, and if I lay him on the floor, he would run to look for Nuka.

If Nuka sees that Blue is sleeping, he will not move, so as not to wake his younger brother. The dog is happy about this because he wants his friends and brothers to be happy and healthy.

“Blue is a very calm rat, so he’s really happy just being with Nuka and lying there with him, clinging to his mane or stomach,” Yeats said. “Nuka loves to bathe Bleu with lixes, which, it seems, are also not against.

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