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Meet Biscuits and Gravy, the two-faced Oregon kitten


When the King Oregon family woke up on May 20, 2020, they were greeted by an amazing surprise. Among the new litter of kittens of their cat family was one tabby with dark hair, which seemed two faces – true, two faces on the same cat.

According to the local Portland news station KOIN-TV, the two-faced kitten was part of a litter with six kittens that was born overnight. The family, recovering from the initial shock, decided to name the unique Furball Biscuits and Gravy. They call these cookies for short.

Kyle King’s mother was the first to discover an unusual newborn when she went to the crate to check on their pregnant cat, which began giving birth last night. She was glad to find a seemingly healthy litter of four kittens near the body of the cat’s mother. But then she suddenly noticed two more newborns hiding behind their mother.


When she picked them up to bring them closer to her brothers and sisters, she discovered that one of them had two faces on her head. Alarmed, she quickly wrote an SMS to her husband BJ to tell him the news, writing: “We have 6-1 / 3 kittens now!”

At the suggestion of their young daughter, the kings shared a photo of the rare two-faced kitten on social networks and posted it on the local community news page, Albany Happenings.

“I said we’ll probably get a little bit of reaction out of this and it took off really fast,” BJ said.

To make sure that they are taking care of their two-faced kitten properly, the family consulted their veterinarian, who explained that the family has little to do with the condition of the small cookies. All they could do was take care of it like any other kitten.

Two-faced cats are known as Janus Cats, the name comes from the Roman god with two faces. Their condition is called craniofacial duplication, which occurs due to an excess of the “sound hedgehog” protein, which plays a large role in the physical development of animals.




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