The most visited cities in the United States


What are the most touristic cities in the United States? According to official figures provided by the Department of Trade and Tourism, the United States received the visit of 77.5 million foreign tourists in 2015.

1) New York, the most visited city in the USA

10.1 million international visitors


With no real surprise, New York in the United States city most visited by foreign tourists. They are 10.1 million non-American visitors to be pressed during the year 2015, and this figure rises to 12.75 million for the year 2016! The most frequented places in New York for tourists are Times Square and Central Park. But many tourists also visit the Statue of Liberty, the Empire State Building, MoMA (3 million) or Elis Island.

2) Miami

5.5 million foreign visitors

Miami is far from a big city. Its urban area ranks it only 8th in the US, but the legendary sweetness of its climate and its innate sense of celebration seem to have an irresistible attraction! Indeed, foreign tourists are 5.5 million to have walked on Ocean Drive, tanned on South Beach, or to have just walked in the Art Deco District.

3) Los Angeles

4.9 million foreign visitors

Los Angeles, the second-largest city in the USA, completes the podium with 4.9 million international visitors. The favourite activities of tourists are related to the cinema, including visits to studios, the famous Hollywood sign, or the walk on Hollywood Boulevard walk of fame. Visitors can also enjoy the beaches of Santa Monica and Venice Beach, as well as visit Disneyland Amusement Park.

4) Orlando

4.7 million foreign visitors

Spontaneously, the presence of Orlando, a small Florida city of 220,000 inhabitants, at the top of the list of cities most visited by foreign tourists can surprise. And when we explain that Disney World is located a few miles from Orlando, we understand better! Magic Kingdom, EPCOT, Hollywood Studios and the Animal Kingdom are Disney World’s signature parks that draw millions of visitors to Orlando. It must also be added that Orlando does not only welcome Disney fans. The Harry Potter theme park, the Universal Studios theme park and the Sea World water park are also located around the city. Orlando, the world capital of amusement parks!

5) San Francisco

3.6 million foreign visitors

San Francisco is the second-largest city in California with 3.6 million foreign tourists. Touring the Pacific, the city is still an essential gateway for Asian visitors. Tourists are indeed very many to walk the streets sloping SF, to borrow his famous cable because to admire the Painted Ladies or the turns of Lombard Street. Visitors will of course not forget to get closer to the grandiose Golden Gate Bridge!

6) Las Vegas

3.4 million foreign visitors

The capital of vice, sin and gambling, Las Vegas is an irresistible attraction for international visitors exploring the American West. They are indeed 3.4 million to be spent by Vegas, the vast majority of them have benefited from putting a coin in one of the many slot machines of the city. And if you want to visit Las Vegas, remember that there are not only casinos in Vegas! Visitors can stroll the famous Strip, or enjoy a stroll along Fremont Street. Las Vegas can also be used as a base camp to explore the surrounding parks, from Valley of Fire to the Grand Canyon to Death Valley.

7) Honolulu

2.4 million foreign visitors

The largest city and the state capital of Hawaii attract nearly 2.5 million non-US tourists! Not very accessible to Europeans, the archipelago offers itself more readily to tourists coming from Asia, America or Oceania. Honolulu directly allows visitors to enjoy the idyllic Hawaiian lifestyle, including strolling along Waikiki Beach, Honolulu’s famous beach. It is also the perfect place to discover the traditions of Hawaii. Located just a few miles from the city, the Pearl Harbor Attack Memorial attracts 1.6 million tourists each year.

8) Washington DC

2.1 million foreign visitors

The US federal capital is ranked eighth with over 2 million international visitors coming to Washington. The latter comes first to visit the institutions that constitute the American power, including the White House and the Capitol. But foreign tourists also come to Washington DC to immerse themselves in this historical place that is the National Mall, at the foot of the National Monument and facing the statue of Lincoln.



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